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Green Action News is a resource for people who are concerned about and active in creating positive change for the environment. We are committed to delivering accurate and reliable coverage of environmental issues and the efforts of activists around the world while building community among eco-minded people and inspiring sustainable living.

Our approach is to bring together the stories of a variety of people who are working on positive change for the environment:

They are people who are working on the front lines of activism, making personal sacrifices which often put their freedom and sometimes their lives at risk. They are the people who are often maligned in the mainstream media, if not ignored. They also are the people who draw attention to problems in how society exploiting the land, polluting the water, and killing off our eco-sphere. These are people who have stories to tell. At the same time, we understand that there is more than one side of the story. So, GreenActionNews endeavors draw out the context of the lives of activists and all the stakeholders with any given concern.

They are people who are working on incorporating eco-consciousness into their day to day lives, ranging from devoting their time to conservation efforts without much fanfare or glory to people who recycle, reuse and reduce, and seek wellness, fitness, and authentic sustainable lifestyles. Strivin2BeGreen is our Community feature at GreenActionNews that endeavors to build a sense of community where people can share their experiences with sustainable living to inspire one another and to be challenged in taking it to the next level.

The are people who are working on policy reform, they are the change agents who educate and inform us with evidence-based practices. They are the people who knock on doors and inspire lawmakers and institutions to make decisions that impact us all. GreenActionNews endeavors to make our readership aware of the causes they are working on, the challenges they face and the reforms them bring about.

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Is GreenActionNews affiliated with the Green Party?
No. GreenActionNews is not affiliated with any political party and we do not favor/disfavor any particular political party or candidate. The use of the term “Green” in our name only refers to stories and events as they relate to the broad categories of environment, eco-friendliness, sustainability, and nature.

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