About Green Action News

GreenActionNews is for people who care about making a beneficial difference for the environment.

Our Story
GreenActionNews, first launched on April 10, 2013, founded by JD Sullivan, a guy who is concerned about the environment. Starting with a rock collecting hobby to being inspired by an earth science teacher, JD became increasingly aware of environmental concerns. JD still has his rock collection and he has a Journalism/Mass Communication B.A. Well aware of the tenuous place our planet is at in our lifetime, combined with an awareness of how activists are not always fairly covered in the media, JD decided to put his skills in journalism to work for sharing their stories.

Your Story
The hallmark of GreenActionNews, something that sets us apart is sharing the stories of activists. We believe that sharing the stories of people who are working on making positive changes will encourage and inspire others to get involved too. Our audience consists of:

people working on the front lines of activism
who creating awareness and doing the work of advocacy to change hearts, minds and policy.

people seeking to live intentionally authentic sustainable lifestyles
who recycle, reuse and reduce, and seek wellness, fitness, and all the little things daily activities

people establishing responsible industrial practices
who are leaders in business fostering innovation with a commitment to social responsibility

These are our kind of people, and we’re sharing their stories so that all of us and more of us can work together on building a better tomarrow of the dwellers of planet earth.

We invite you to join us!
The mission of GreenActionNews is to deliver reliable and accurate coverage of the efforts of environmental activists with journalistic integrity, to build community across a broad spectrum of eco-conscious people, and to inspire increasing levels of participation in making a difference for the environment. GreenActionNews is three environmental websites combined. Here’s an overview so you can get connected in the areas you are most interested.

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