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Environmental Social Media, News & Forums

Environmental Social Media, News & Forums offer you a great way to get informed about what’s going on and getting connected to people who are organizing for positive environmental change. Whether you are interested in developing environmentally-friendly habits, supporting companies which are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability, or if you are seeking the top environmental news each week, or if you are seeking to join a group where you can work together in environmental activism, here is a list of Green Action News resources you will find helpful to get connected and committed to living green.

Join the Top Environmental Social Networking Community

GreenActionNews Community
GreenActionNews Comumnity is a great place to connect with eco-minded people who are working on integrating sustainable living into their daily lifestyle. It includes user-generated Action Alerts where members can post environmental events taking place in their local community. Members can blog about their efforts to live sustainably to inspire oters to do so too.

Find Environmental Volunteer Projects and Activist Events

With Green Action Alerts you can find/post your environmental activism events taking place in your local area. This is a crowd-sourced tool that allows grassroots and adovocacy groups to post their events for free. The events posted are shared with environmental correspondents so the organization behind the event may get even more publicity. All event submissions are reviewed before publication to ensure that this resource is not ruined by spam. Membership is free too, so if you have an environmental event to promote, this is a great place for you to promote it.

Blog about Environmental Topics

Blog About Sustainable Living – coming soon!
Strivin2BeGreen is a blog feature at GreenActionNews where you can blog about your personal efforts to live sustainably. The quirky name is about how we all are on a journey toward reducing our carbon footprint, conserving water, saving energy and all the other things we can do to be more green.

Blog About Living Off the Grid – coming soon!
HomeOffTheGrid is a crowd-sourced environmental social media video experiment which encourages people to renovate their homes for sustainable living and to share their projects online. Members vote on the best videos which get voted up to the home page to get rewards.

News & Newsletters

Top Environmental News WeeklyTop Environmental News Weekly is a summary of top environmental news reported on by correspondents sharing news and feature stories from all over the world.

GreenActionNews is an online publication for people who care about making a beneficial difference for the environment. Topics include Climate Change, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Wildlife, Policy, Politics, Water, and Habitats & Ecosystems. GreenActionNews is different from the rest with a unique offering of feature interviews with grassroots activists to inspire oters to get involved in small ways to make a big difference. GreenActionNews’ Environmental Social Media: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook

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