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GreenActionNews Partners with TreesForTheFuture

GreenActionNews is in the midst of our CelebrateGreenAction2015 campaign. It is an opportunity for us to invite nominations of environmental activists to feature their stories and their causes. As a part of this campaign, we’re pledging to donate up to 1000 trees to TreesForTheFuture.

In the 1970’s, Dave and Grace Deppner witnessed the devastation of illegal logging and unsustainable land management systems, when he was volunteering in the Philippines. They revitalized degraded lands by providing farmers with tree seed, technical training, and on-site planning assistance. People responded enthusiastically, joining in to save their homes and way of life.

Dave Deppner operated informally in an efort to plant trees in places such as these and in 1989, he formed the non-profit organization TreesForTheFuture for this work. Since then, TreesForTheFuture has assisted thousands of communities in planting millions of trees in 19 countries including Ghana, which have restored life to land that was previously degraded or abandoned.

According to their web site, TreesForTheFuture is planting trees as well as providing agroforestry training, and technical assistance – to local farmers in South America, Africa and Asia. The places they work with have seen the devastation to forests that can come from mining, overgrazing, climate disruption. Each place is different, facing differnt threats to trees and unique needs. TreesForTheFuture customizes their approach according to the specific needs of the regions they help.

Organizations and businesses can partner with TreesForTheFuture by making donations toward the purchase of trees for these areas. Impressive names are supporting TreesForTheFuture – CREDO, Canon, USAGAIN, and Care2 among others. We have checked them out as well. One source we talked who is from Africa, is particularly impressed with the organizations who have partnered with TreesForTheFuture which work in that part of the world.

TreesForTheFuture reports that they have planted more trees in 2014 than any year before. While our goal is small compared with some of the others who have partnered with them, we view our effort to plant 1000 tries is a good start which we can build upon. Because GreenActionNews often reports on the issue of climate disruption in particular as well as other degradations to the environment, we feel that partnering with TreesForTheFuture is a fitting partnership.

During our CelebrateGreenAction 2015 campaign between (Earth Day and World Environment Day (April 22 – June 5), we are asking you to simply LIKE our Facebook page. Each time our Facbook page is LIKEd, we’ll donate 1 tree. One tree might not seem like much, but combined with everyone else, it can add up to our goal of 1000 trees during this campaign.

If you visit our Facebook page via our CelebrateGreenAction2015 social engagement app, you’ll get an entry in our giveaway for a solar phone charger among other prizes. Just by visiting through that link, whether you LIKE us or not, you’ll get an entry, but we hope that you LIKE us too. Details on the CelebrateGreenAction2015 and how to enter can be found by clicking here.

JD Sullivan

JD Sullivan is the Editor-in-Chief at Green Action News. He has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism/Mass Communication. JD is passionate about journalism & sustainable living.

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