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Introduction to Becoming a Green Action News Guest Writer

GreenActionNews accepts guest posts from people who have something pertinent to share with our audience. Please review the following guest post guidelines before deciding if GreenActionNews is the right place for your post:

If you have an environmental activist event to announce, share it here.

Features & Benefits:
1. You get more exposure and an opportunity to craft a positive association about yourself in readers’ minds.
2. An author who has been published on GreenActionNews will most likely be seen as more credible in your field.
3. It is a good way to introduce your writing to us to be considered for promotion.
4. Just like our editors and writers, you too get an author box associated with your article.
5. Being a Guest Writer improves your SEO and Author Rank.
6. It is a great opportunity to interact with our readers and network with eco-minded people.

Topics We Publish: Writing about Concerns, Efforts, Policies and Actions regarding:
Drinking Water, Water Pollution, Soil Contamination, Wildlife Conservation, Air Pollution, Climate Change
Consumerism, Waste, Energy Conservation, Fracking, Keystone XL, NADPL, Nuclear Energy
Food & Agriculture, Fishing, Food Contamination, Genetic Engineering/GMOs, Intensive Farming, Bees
Land Use, Urban Sprawl, Logging, Mining, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Oceans,
Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Living, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Organic Meal Planning.

Short posts 300-400 words; or longer posts 600-800 words, in some cases up to 1000 words.
Letters to the Editor, Commentary, Essays, and Updates from Activism Frontlines.
Writers needing special formats or considerations should contact us.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Articles must be original content, meaning that it cannot be an article that you have posted or will be posted on another website. Duplicate content hurts both of us in Google ranking. In addition, you agree that what you are submitting is your own original work.
  2. All guest posts are reviewed, checked for originality, and verified before they are accepted and published.
  3. Submitting a guest post is voluntary and those who post a guest post are not paid for their post.
  4. You must provide your real name and an email address where we can contact you.
  5. Commentary and opinion are acceptable (and the most common form of guest posts), however, it is important that you include wording in your post to indicate that you are posting your opinion. Statements which are stated as a fact are acceptable, however, such statements or wording that has no opinion attribution must be verified with a link, a screenshot, a video or other source material to verify the fact.
  6. Video is permitted but no uploads. Video submissions must accompany at least 300 words with it (such as Who, What, Where, When, How, Why, Context, What’s next). Video must be off-sourced such as on YouTube. If you paste the link to your YouTube, the video will be automatically inserted into your post.
  7. GreenActionNews reserves the right to post a disclaimer at the end of the post indicating that the opinions and views expressed in the post are not necessarily the opinion/view of GreenActionNews, our editorial staff, nor that of our parent company, Areopagitica, LLC.
  8. From time to time we get requests from people desiring to post an article which is filled with affiliate links. We do not accept any guest posts with affiliate links. No exceptions. Period. In addition, posts which are too spammy in our humble opinion will also be rejected. If you have something to promote, we suggest you visit our Sponsors page.
  9. The form below does permit you to include your website address which will appear with the post. Guest Contributors are permitted to include one additional link related to your cause, in addition to fact-sourcing links. A post should have no more than 4 out-links.
  10.  Submission of an article is not a guarantee that the article will be accepted and published to the site.
  11.  Those who post and are published 3 or more times a year will be considered Regular Guest Contributors and will be listed as such on our About page.
  12.  When you submit a post for use on our website it becomes the property of with all credit going to the author of the article. Trademarks and logos remain the property of their respective owners.

Three Tips: See more tips below the form.
1. You have the option to use a Visual Editor (easy) or Text Editor (for HTML formatting) but do not switch in the middle of writing. Now is the time to decide which you want to use.
2. Due to digital gremlins, we recommend that you save your stuff in Word or GoogleDocs before posting it here. We are not responsible for lost content nor providing a backup.
3. A Title (Headline) is required before the post area will appear in the form below.

Guest post


A Few Tips
More tips coming soon, but this will help get you started.

Grammar, Spelling, and punctuation!

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you make sure your grammar, spelling, and punctuation is correct. Submissions that require extra work on this will likely be rejected. It saddens us when people submit great stories and commentary, but horrible grammar, spelling or punctuation. So we beg of you, please check it thrice before submitting it.
First person voice is allowed and encouraged.
SEO helps make it easier for Google to share your post in their search results. Our Editors are experts in SEO, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind. Your Title/Headline should have a keyword in it related to what you are writing about. The closer to the beginning of the title, the better. That keyword used in your post helps too, but do not overdo it. Best practice is to use it 3 to 5 times, 7 at most.
Preferred format is JPEG. Photographers love HD. Web Publishers do not because large file sizes slow down a website and if it takes too long for your post to download, people lose interest and leave. Please ensure that photos/images are 40K – 100K. Sounds drastic, we know, but it is necessary. Here is a tool that might help you