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Science March in Charlotte, North Carolina Climate Change

Science March in Charlotte, NC Informative, But Missed The Mark

As the Science March took place in Washington, D.C., several local Science March activities took place around the United States. Here’s a report from the Science March in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte, NC – Charlotte’s popular Marshall Park sits just on the edge of downtown and gives a feeling of…

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Rover Pipeline Construction Spills Twice into Wetlands

Widely-Opposed Rover Pipeline Confirms Worst Fears Before It Goes into Operation By: Sierra Club – West Michigan Chapter Columbus, OH –Energy Transfer’s Rover pipeline had two major spills of drilling fluids into Ohio’s wetlands last week, according to correspondence between the company and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Construction began on…

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Photo Credit: Joseph Hock, Water Protector at DAPL Water

DAPL Frontline Water Protectors Not Leaving

Eagles Nest, ND- At any given moment, in the deep icy landscape of North Dakota, the entrancing sounds of Native American prayer coupled with the warning shots of local police echo across the still waters of the Missouri River. As of now, over eighty percent of the Dakota Access Pipeline…

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