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GreenActionNews is getting ready to develop a Community Building feature called Strivin2BeGreen which will help activists to network and interact with one another and it will help our writers find out about events for us to write about.

Version 2.0
Core Features: member profiles, friending & following, activity streams of posts, comments, likes and shares, private messaging, anti-spam and privacy, friend invite.

Version 2.1
Groups & Events: network with others around environmental issues, post events, discuss details, share with our writers and editors.

Version 2.2
Forums centered around environmental topics and regional concerns. Opt-in Newsletter to get weekly news updates.

Version 2.3
Interactions: post reactions, browser push notification option, member showcase, push posts and likes on our site to Twitter, Instagram, & others, geotagging, community challenges

Version 2.4
Photo Albums, Video Sharing and Mobile Optimization: Share what’s happening with environmental events

Version 2.5
Advanced Features: Activity Stream, Photo Album

Version 3.0
Content Features: Member Classifieds, Member Blogs, Member Recipes

Version 4.0
Podcast version of your news