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Green Action News is a news publication for people who are concerned about and active in creating positive change for the environment. GreenActionNews has a commitment to deliver accurate and reliable coverage of environmental activism around the world. We achieve local coverage of global issues by recruiting writers all around the earth to cover environmental activism and events taking place where they live and beyond. In addition, we are building a social networking feature which we expect to like-minded eco-minded people to connect with each other.
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Our banner ads are served by Adpeeps. You can place your order directly from Adpeeps where you can upload your banner and pay for your order. All orders are reviewed before accepted to ensure the ads and sponsors reflect the interests of our audience. For rates and to place your order, visit our Adpeeps rate card here.

Check out our Media Kit
10% discount for non-profit organizations

Additional Opportunities
2. Giveaway Sponsor – we are seeking companies which make products which can be described as environmentally responsible, promoting sustainable living, or organic which we can offer as prize giveaways to those who follow us on Social Media. Campaigns:

Monthly Giveaway to Newsletter Subscribers

Earth Day Challenge Week
April 16 – 22
We challenge our audience to do something for the planet and posting their stories to social media with pictures and video. Top votes get prizes. A great way to leverage viral social media by being the sponsor of this challenge.

World Environment Challenge Day
June 5
Another challenge but it is just for a day that you can sponsor with giveaways and sponsorship levels.

Green Action Day Challenge
August 7 (Green Action Day)
And yet another challenge, just for a day that you can sponsor with giveaways and sponsorship levels.

Internship Perks Partner Sponsors
October – December
Help journalism students develop their skills in environmental reporting in our internship program by offering creative & environmentally friendly items as pledge perks as incentives for people to contribute to our fall crowdfun campaign to raise funds to support paid internships for journalism students around the world.

For any advertising inquiries and proposals, please contact us and a GreenActionNews representative will contact you within two business days. Thank you!

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