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Green Action News is a resource for people who desire to create positive change for the environment. We are committed to delivering accurate and reliable coverage of environmental issues and the efforts of activists around the world while building community among eco-minded people and inspiring sustainable living.

Our approach is to bring together the stories of a variety of people who are working on positive change for the environment. We publish:

  • news and information related to environmental concerns with a focus on 8 topic areas
  • news from the frontlines of direct action, advocacy, politics, and policy reform activism
  • feature stories highlighting the effort, interest, dedication and inspiration of individual activists
  • ideas for incorporating eco-consciousness into our day to day lives
  • Our articles range from breaking news to in-depth analysis
    and they are well-researched, fact-driven, and written from the heart.

    How to Format Your Content
    All articles must be at least 300 words long.
    Sources must be identified. Facts must be cited. Opinions & quotes must be attributed.

    GreenActionNews articles – AP Style. Strivin2BeGreen articles – magazine/blog style.
    Photos/Video should be original or sourced with permission to use or under fair use guidelines.
    All writing must be original and not published elsewhere.

    Affiliate linking is NOT permitted.
    Excessive Self-promotion is discouraged especially in News articles. Contributors get a bio that appears with all their posts. Personal involvement in activism causes is permitted, with a disclosure statement at the end of the article or in your bio.

    Additional format instructions will be provided in our Contributing Writer’s Guide.

    How We Promote Your Content
    SEO Tools – Our Editors ensure best SEO practices and we have SEO tips in our Guide. Some SEO is automated.
    Social Media – We auto-post published articles to our social media accounts including Twitter & Facebook. And we encourage our Content Contributors to promote their own stories as well.
    Weekly Newsletter – with a summary of the week’s articles.
    Homepage & Sidebar – the newest articles appear on the home page. Top voted posts appear in the sidebar.
    Advertising & Boosts – we may boost top voted articles on our social media as well as general advertising promoting GreenActionNews.

    Your posts may be scheduled according to the best times readers are likely to read and share, the timeliness of the content and story budget. GreenActionNews reserves the perpetual right to publish and use the content on any of our current or future media platforms, including for commercial purposes unless arrangements are made in advance.

    Our base rate is based on page views and we offer bonuses based on additional variables.

    Page Views.
    $1 per 1000 page views up to 10,000 page views.
    Calculated at a rate of $0.001 USD per page view which comes out to $1/1000 page views.

    Bonuses combined with page view rates allow us to offer competitive rates to our Content Contributors. Bonuses are announced to our Contributing Writers via email and/or our Contributing Writer’s Guide. Bonuses which vary according to budget and performance goals may include:
    Word Count Targets
    Top Visitor Votes
    Most Page Views in a Month
    Most Site-Based Comments
    Most Facebook Shares
    Special Topics & Events

    All payments are made via PayPal on the 7th of the month, so you must provide us with your PayPal email address in order to get paid.

    How to Apply to be a Contributing Writer:
    Fill out the form below to get started.

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